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Adam Helmer 02-14-2017 04:50 PM

My CCW Handgun Classes are filling up.
Here in PA there is no requirement for handgun training to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit. All one needs is a "Clean" Record and a Permit Shall be issued. Many local gun clubs Prohibit "Humanoid" ( Silhouette) Targets and holster draw on the firing line. That is not realistic for CCW people and my farm range is a logical alternative for people desiring handgun instruction.

Business is very good. Most of my students are housewives, teachers, pastors, college professors and other good citizens. We use the B-27 Silhouette Target and utilize holster draw on the firing line as would occur "On the Street."

Unfortunately several nearby gun clubs are Ruled by the Trap Club guys and handguns are as disliked as could illogically be. That is why my ranges are the logical alternative. I am an NRA Certified Instructor and am busy all the time.


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