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Tater 07-03-2010 03:16 PM

Drying peaches and apricots
So, I'm drying some peaches and apricots but this is my first time. Got apples and bananas done yesterday and I'm gonna make some trail mix with some of this fruit. What should the peaches and apricots feel like when they're done? A couple sites I found said "pliable" but pliable feels different to different people. So, how do I know when they're done? I want to make sure they're completely dried out but not too much. Thanks

skeet 07-03-2010 10:18 PM

Man Tater..Ruining some good peaches and apricots.. Just think of all them jars of brandied fruit.. Trail Mix?? Shoot gimmee some of that brandied peaches and I ain't gotta go on a trail!!

Did you use any sulfur dioxide on 'em?..if not a bit dry..if ya did kinda soft and easy to the tooth..not al dente'

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