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Rancid Crabtree 08-04-2008 11:13 AM

Making a knife from a 10 inch table saw blade
Here is how I make a knife from a table saw blade.

I went through my stash of saw blades. I donít have a shortage of them. I use the ones without carbide teeth so I know the whole blade is made of good steel.

This is going to be a drop point skinner blade out of a .08 think 10 inch circular saw blade. A file told me it was good and hard

I used the Dremmel tool to cut the knife out of the saw blade.

With a little grinding and polishing, it cleans up well.

To add a little bit of style to the knife, I used a round chainsaw file on the backbone of the blade. I didnít go very deep.

I then used gun bluing on the file work and then polished away everything but what was in the grooves. I think it adds a nice touch to the look of the blade.

In order to drill the pin holes, I needed to soften the steel. I used a MAP gas tourch and slowly heated the tang.

Rancid Crabtree 08-04-2008 11:15 AM

Then I drilled the holes.

I cleaned up the blade again and added the bevel.

At this point you can either put a handle on the knife or heat threat it to get the knife even harder than it already is. If the steel is already good and hard, I may leave it alone. On some knives I will heat treat.

I like to use exotic woods or antler for the handles. This wood is called bloodwood.

A couple other saw balde knives. All from 10 inch table saw blades that aer .080 thick.

With an Ipe handle

With an antler and wlanut handle

With a Cocobolo handle

For bigger knives, I use bigger saw blades like concrete cutting saw blades that are 2 feet in Dia. and an 1/8" thick.

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