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Adam Helmer 04-15-2013 02:10 PM

Our Handgun Combat/Tactical Classes start tomorrow.
A local gun club has a retired U.S. Marshal (and my neighbor) running Tactical Handgun courses on the club's outdoor range every Tuesday 1000 until noon. We have a 50/50 mix of retired LEOs and citizens totalling about 20 folks.

Most guys use semi-auto handguns over the course. I prefer to run both semi-autos and DA S&W revolvers. We run scenarios of barricades, fences, multiple targets, "Good" guy/ "Bad" guy targets, and a few metal plates; all are timed fire. Once in a while we do run a PPC Course just to keep things going.

Many clubs, even some nearby, have rules against tactical stuff and even drawing from a holster to commence fire. I tell those club members to join my club where we run real scenarios every week. If you have a CCW and carry, you NEED to groove the drill.


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