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Adam Helmer 10-26-2016 02:30 PM

The Colt M1911 and "Locked & Cocked" Carry?
It seems all the current handgun magazines have articles on the M1911 .45ACP and its modern spinoff handguns. My handgun students are not immune from the current 1911 preferences, but balk at carrying the wonderful old pistol "locked and cocked."

The locked and cocked safety is covered by the thumb safety and the grip safety and was at the request of the U. S. Cavalry to the Army Ordnance Board in 1911. Bottom line: it works just as well today. Most of my handgun students prefer to carry their 1911s with chambers empty, which will negate any of their concealed carry advantages in a hostile situation when they NEED to RACK the slide to chamber a round in gravest extreme. I have carried L&C for 46 years without a hitch ad convey that to new handgunners.

I advised my students there are alternatives to carrying chamber loaded with the hammer down. Many modern .45 autos are DAFS, Double Action First Shot, AFTER the safety is switched OFF. Some safeties are slide mounted and some are frame mounted. I often carry a S&W M645 DAFS instead of my preferred M1911. Both are ALWAYS chamber loaded because racking a slide will direct hostile gunfire to the handgunner before they fire a shot!

If any handgunner wishes to carry a .45 automatic, train with your pistol, trust the safeties and trust yourself and NEVER RACK a slide in the presence of grave danger. The only noise the Bad Guy should hear is your muzzle blast as you "snick" off the safety. If locked & cocked is a problem, the handgunner is better served with a double action revolver.


Dan Morris 10-26-2016 05:09 PM

When I carry a 1911, it has always been locked n cocked. My owb leather is such that the trigger is totally covered and I must totally clear leather before I can get thumb on safety. Been doing this sense I was 18 or far, no issues.

Jack 10-27-2016 07:39 AM

Actually, quite a few semi auto handguns are carried cocked and locked. Some just cocked. Buuut... you can't see the hammer, so you don't worry about it.
A lot of the semi autos with a concealed hammer, like a Glock, are carried cocked. But, since you can't see the hammer or striker, it's no problem, right?
I've always carried my 1911 cocked and locked.

skeet 10-27-2016 12:23 PM

I too carry cocked and locked. My Kimber shorty is laying on the bed next to the chair I am sitting in. I am in Delaware right now..going to see my doc this weekend. When driving to the east I carry it in the case..cocked locked no round chambered. Just for safety's sake. I do have to cross some very restrictive states but do carry a fair amount of money(don't like to carry C cards)so choose to be armed. I will not travel through Chicago though.LOL!

Adam Helmer 10-27-2016 03:48 PM


I wonder why you carry your handgun "locked & cocked" with an EMPTY Chamber? What is that all about? Why not unlocked and uncocked with an empty chamber to cycle the slide in gravest extreme.


skeet 10-27-2016 09:43 PM

Mainly because it is much easier to rack the slide... Safety goes off and rack the slide. Even momma has no problem with it. I also have a Para Ordnance LDA 45 about the same size that I carry occasionally. Strange feeling trigger. Both of them have heavier recoil springs

captain2k_ca 10-29-2016 01:48 PM

Ah I wish we were allowed to carry a pistol for self defense!! Its much quicker at putting down a threat than my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!!!

I only own a few pistols right now. So for me I would have 2 good candidates for carrying. A Springfield 1911-A1 in .45, or a S&W M&P 9mm.

IMHO if you found yourself in a position where use of force was needed, and you need to draw, then rack the slide to load is probably too late. From my limited experience, these situations happen VERY quickly. You want to be as ready as possible.

I would happily carry either of my pistols loaded and cocked, a level 3 retention holster should help any potential accidents. But again IMHO PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.....Nothing is better than well trained experienced muscle memory.

On a side note:

My 1911.......With my preferred grip, I found that I have been knocking out the take down pin partially.....this renders the pistol USELESS after the 1st shot as it jams up the slide, and is a bear to get it going again. I have been working at changing up my grip ever so slightly to make sure that isnt a problem. Also I am a rookie pistol shooter, and am also LEFT handed :D

The M&P9 is a lot of fun to shoot!!!! And since I reload I have made some reduced loads for playing with in the .45acp. ALthough I leave the mags loaded with factory ammo when the gun is not in use....Just in case.

skeet 11-01-2016 11:19 PM

Don't misunderstand.. When around the area I live I carry the 45s the way they were meant. When traveling I carry the handgun with no round in the chamber but like right now it is in a Hampton Inn room cocked and locked. Illinois is a dangerous place

buckhunter 11-06-2016 08:01 AM

OK call me weird (no comments). I carry mine at half cock. I know cocked and locked is perfectly safe and that's the way it is when not on my hip. Have done it for so long its just second nature to pull it pull the hammer back and then shoot. I suspect the 3.8 lb trigger pull might have something to do with my thinking.

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