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Rancid Crabtree 08-20-2014 05:41 AM

Deer Rear Decoy
Last year I got into decoying deer with 3 life sized decoys. (see thread)

It was fun and added another level of satisfaction to my bowhunting but at the same time it was for work and more stuff to haul in and out of the woods. I still plan to use the full sized decoys during the rut but this year I am making a lighter and more portable decoy again using the tail wager device.

This decoy will be a 2 ˝ D decoy since its not a full 3D. Its going to be just the rear end. Im building it out of scrap lumber I have in the shop and the leftover paint from making last year’s decoys. Here are a few early pictures of the construction.

It bought some fiberglass driveway marking poles and painted them black and drilled a couple holes in the decoy. The tail wager will want to cause some imbalance making the decoy want to trip forward so the poles will hold it up and help on windy days too. Here I have the poles and tail wager installed.

Then made a housing for the batteery pack and painted the decoy with the same light brown I used on last year’s decoys and then sprayed white highlights in all the white hair areas.

The finished deer butt without motion.

And here is a video of the tail swishing. Total weight with motor and battery pack is 7 pounds.

buckhunter 08-20-2014 04:39 PM

You gotta get a hobby. Too much time on your hands. As usual, nice work.

Jack 09-04-2014 07:23 AM

Really clever!

skeet 09-11-2014 08:04 AM

Again really neat. I truly don't need a decoy. I just put down my coffee cup and open the winder.. Pull the bathrobe a little tighter cause of the cold air and put the rifle over the windersill. Then I blast the darn critter. Darn critters are trying to eat all my garden... again. truly have a talent. You do good work. If I was still Bow-Hunting I'd have to have one of them

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