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M.T. Pockets 12-26-2011 03:13 PM

Deer Stand plans
I'm planning on building a free-standing deer stand. I'm hunting a brushy area where tree stand aren't an option. I'm thinking of something simple, made out of 12' 2x4's for legs and a floor about 8' up with plywood around the top 4'.

Has anyone built one that they like ? or would anyone have any advise on how to build one (or what NOT to do when building one).

Thank you.

Jack 12-26-2011 06:58 PM

2x4 legs sound a little spindly to me.
I hunt from a free standing tree stand on a friends property. The floor is about 10 feet up. The legs are pressure treated 4x4's, buried in the ground about 2 feet. Obviously, it's a permanent stand, not moveable. That stand is rock solid.
I'm no engineer, but I'd go heavier than 2x4's for legs.

buckhunter 12-27-2011 02:20 PM

2x4 leggs = instant collaspe. Go heavy 2x6 or better yet 4x4 pressue treated for the leggs. 2x4 are fine for the deck frame and rail. make sure the leggs are dug in about 2 feet. Hum sounds like Jack's post.

In any event be careful. Another option might be a tri-pod stand similar to the ones that are used in Texas. I bet they would be for stable and if you get one with a swivel seat it would even be better. Plus its somewhat portable.

M.T. Pockets 12-28-2011 08:06 AM

Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate drawing on others experience. I think I'll just upgrade to 4x4's from the start. I've been looking at the metal brackets available that hold the legs in place and have spaces for 2x6 cross beams for the floor deck. I think this would firm it up quite a bit.

I've considered the portable stands and may get one eventually. I'm in northern MN and I own some property and was thinking of one good permanent stand.

skeet 12-28-2011 06:48 PM

Well even in N MN..if you get as portable of any kind also get a good cable and lock for it. Ya know the legs they have??..they get right up and walk away on 'em..ask others..I ain't lyin..

Jack 12-28-2011 07:45 PM

Portable stands work both ways, kinda like tracers. . . .if you can tote it in, someone can tote it out - make sure you lock it down good.
For a permanent stand, you need to dig down below the frostline- whatever that is in your area, to make a stable base. Going to 4x4's is smart.
We don't really think about it, but, the biggest killer of hunters is tree stands. In my state, more hunters die from falls from tree stands than from firearms accidents.
So, think, plan well, and build a safe tree stand- not just safe for one, this year, but safe enough for 2 people, 10 years from now.

M.T. Pockets 01-21-2012 09:46 AM

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Thanks for the input everyone, I always appreciate the help from experienced people on this board.

I went back to the spot on my property I had in mind to put the stand and cut away some brush & a couple trees and got close enough to some larger trees that will support a nice ladder stand. I'm going to go that route for now. For less than the price of lumber I can buy a nice one with a nice seat & safety harness.

I'm a volunteer Firearms Instructor here in MN and I can confirm that the biggest cause of serious injuries each year is tree stands, nobody wants to be a statistic.

Here's a trail cam photo of the area I have in mind, one of those trees right behind that little timberwolf. (that's another thread - the Feds are delisting them in MN and the state will be taking over management, by the time this fellow grows up I might be able to get a tag)

VaRedneck 09-27-2012 07:37 PM's been a while since this thread was going...been a while since I posted as well...heh. $.02...

Make the base wider than the base of the legs will be 5'-6' apart/square, while the floor could be 4' square...that would bring the top rail even a bit tighter...but still do-able.

Point for all that...stability...and you wouldn't have to bury the legs 2' deep.

bigbuckhuges 09-21-2014 10:28 AM

I built mine in sections, Then screwed together the pieces by myself. Was not elaborate or spacious, but very functional. Bottom, four sides, and top. Six pieces ontop of planted cedar posts.

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