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jon lynn 01-09-2011 07:10 AM

Here come the gun control creeps.
Get ready folks. Since the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords yesterday, the controllers are starting to zap the internet with their "Guns kill innocent people"

2011 is going to suck.

Adam Helmer 01-09-2011 01:36 PM


You may be right. On the news last night a reporter said, "This may ignite the debate on gun control and keeping guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed persons." I wished I could have told him to read GCA 1968 and subsequent federal laws already on the books. Further, he should go to a gun shop and read the current BATFE Form 4476 about "Prohibited Persons" who cannot legally buy a gun.

As a retired federal agent, I must say NO law prevents anything. Drug laws have not stopped drug dealers from dealing in every high school and on every street corner in America. Gun Control merely controls honest folks who comply with licensing, registration, Firearms Identity Cards, etc. They have yet to get the bad guys and "nuts" to comply.


jon lynn 01-09-2011 03:56 PM

Don't forget Adam, they call us "Gun Enthusiast" But when they say the second word like "In-thoooooooziest" and get a sour look on their faces.

They really mean "Gun Nuts" they are just too chicken to say it.

I get truly angry with those clowns. I know I posted this point dozens of times, but they say the Constitutions Second Amendment is obsolete. But for their Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press, and Religion, well then, "that's okay"

They pick and choose what Amendment suits their weenie needs........Great now I am mad again:mad:

MtnMike2 01-10-2011 02:28 PM

I'll state the obvious and say that the media likes to stir it up; I'm sure it helps their ratings. "News" is all about ratings, that's what's important, right?


Dan Morris 01-10-2011 03:36 PM

It reads.

buckhunter 01-11-2011 08:03 AM

Suprisingly nothing has been said in the Peoples Republic yet. The murder rate is raising dalily from Gang Bangers with illegal firearms but they keep trying to take mine. I suspect Holder will try something soon. At this point I may just buy another couple.

GoodOlBoy 01-11-2011 09:26 AM

The bigest argument has been how is it that a person considered to mentally unstable to be allowed to go to a public college was allowed to purchase a handgun. I pointed out on another board that when I fill out the paperwork to legally buy a gun they are supposed to do that as part of the background check. If it didn't happen then the feds dropped the ball. No need for new gun control laws until we enforce the ones we already have.

GoodOlBoy 01-11-2011 11:20 AM

I watched BBC broadcast on the event....the person they were talking to kept mentioning gun control but the broadcaster kept cutting him off..maybe those in England already understand the results of gun control?...I also hear they want more public officials in Arizona to carry?...Already say most people in that area do carry...I hear she is pro gun and hope she stays that way.

PJgunner 01-12-2011 03:45 PM

OK, the shooter bought the gun at our local Sportsman's Warehouse. The sales person who sold him the gun stated that he really did not want to sell him the gun as he felt the shooter was acting strange. However, because the background check passed him, he had to let him have the gun.
As far as Pima County community college suspending himuntil he passed a mental evaluation, I don't know how they could have passed something on that along? technically, he hadn't been committed either voluntarily or by a doctor's or court order so there wasn't a hell of a lot they could do. Who would they even notify?
Hell! The system has even given him an anti-death penalty lawyer who specializes in badass death penalty cases with a track record of winning. I'll even give odds he beats it with an insanity plea. Too bad they moved it to Phoenix. I'd love to be on that jury. I've heard rumors that his lawyer wants to move the case out of state Figures too much prejudice in AZ. Ya think?
The media keeps saying how Gabby was pro-gun. If that was the case, how come the NRA gave her a "D" rating? According to her web site she was against ownership of semi-auto handguns, yet owned a Glock herself. IIRC, she was also in favor of "sensible" laws Dunno what her defintion of sensible was though. I don't think it was as rabid as Feinstein, Schumer and those guys. I only glanced through the site and don't remember all that much.
It does make me wonder though what her attitude toward us gun owners will be once she's up and about and back to work?
It just don't look good.
Paul B.

Seawolf1090 01-20-2011 04:40 PM

Any time a really bad shooting occurs, the rabid Moonbats take wing and desecrate our countryside with their droppings...... and now that a couple of their own were gunned down (by a LIBERAL!) they are on the warpath against the GUN. It is easier to fight against an inanimate object than against the CRIMINALS committing the crimes.

jon lynn 01-21-2011 06:09 PM

A woman ran down her boyfriend somewhere in northern Kentucky recently, and messed him up pretty I try and lobby to ban cars?

jplonghunter 01-22-2011 06:20 AM


It won't work. It was a Toyota and she claimed the accelerator got stuck.


FromBearCreek 01-22-2011 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by PJgunner (Post 339843)
OK, the shooter bought the gun at our local Sportsman's Warehouse. The sales person who sold him the gun stated that he really did not want to sell him the gun as he felt the shooter was acting strange. However, because the background check passed him, he had to let him have the gun.

He didn't have to let him have it. Many years ago when I sold guns retail, I refused a few people that didn't feel 'right.' The most blatant was a very fat man who was buying a puny Beretta .25 that almost disappeared in his pudgy mitt, and as he was filling out the 4473 (this was before background checks) he told me 'my in-laws won't give me any crap any more now that I have this.' I put the gun back in the box, put it under the counter and told him to get lost. He pointed out that he'd just go buy it someplace else, I said fine, but you're not getting it from me.

Too many people are afraid to make a decision, especially one that might start a confrontation.

skeet 01-22-2011 05:09 PM

I had a few that didn't seem right too..and I did the same thing..refused to sell it to 'em. Pissed one guy off to where I had to order him out of my shop. Luckily I knew and worked with enough cops that I had 'em check him out. Turns out he was a guy with some family problems too. Po Leece took care of that one,,,and in all those years I had one stolen gun brought to me..caught that one too. Sometimes ya just get a feeling

Jack 01-22-2011 10:20 PM

I agree with Ward and Skeet.
When I ran the sporting goods department of a big box store, I told the management that I would only take the job if I had the right to refuse to sell a gun to someone I thought was up to no good. They agreed, and when it happened (only a couple of times), they backed me.
One guy admitted to the police that he wanted to kill himself.....

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