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Adam Helmer 02-08-2018 12:20 PM

A Possibles (Shooting Bag) Bag for each muzzleloader.
At yard sales every year I find, and collect, many beautiful leather purses for a dollar or less. All I collect make better Possibles Bags than the $50-$100 bags I see in the catalogs. I read a very good suggestion recently in "The Complete Blackpowder Handbook", 4th Edition by Sam Fadala. On page 54, Mr. Fadala suggests, "A shooting bag for every gun."

Long ago I set aside several shooting bags for .45 caliber, .50 caliber, .54 caliber and Smoothbore (for my smooth .50 and single barrel 12 gauge). Now, when I head to the target range or hunting field, I grab the firearm and the associated bag and am good to go.


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