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I have a .22-6mm that I`m sure would beat that with a lite bullet, but the 75 gn. Hornady HP`s blow up before the make the target. The higest velosity I fired it at was 3779 with and 80 gn. .22 cal. bullet, but that load was to hot and abt 3,700 is max safely. The thing is if your wanting a good long range round you want to shoot heavy for the cal. bullets. They carry farther due to their higher BC, and you have alot less wind drift. I ask Sierra about their 90 gn. bullets and they told me to stick with the 80 gn. bullets, I guess they won`t stand the spin rate eather. I have a 1 in 8 twist and if I shoot a bullet at 3,600 fps. it is spinning at 5,400 rev`s per sec. That`s alot of sentrifical forse.
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