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check This OUT! btw, whats a nauga

I have been mulling around the idea for a new wildcat cartridge. I start with a .50 bmg and neck it down to a .17 and create the fasted load known to date. To add to this new load i might use advanced gain reverse twist rifiling i.e. the first ten inches are right hand twist at 22 to one then a bit of free bore then six inches of left hand gain twist starting at 20 to one and ending at 36 to one. Hold on i thnk thats Ruger one the phone wanting to buy the idea, no sorry just another gun writer wanting a photo exclusive.
I've had a varmint gun in that calibre for several years. I
found that none of the available powders were slow enough
so have had to develop my own propellant combining
horsehair reclaimed from old overstuffed furniture, fuel oil,
and nitrate fertilizer ground super fine. It is especially good
for fur bearing critters; the bullet is so fast that the innards of the critter actually vaporize. The entry and exit wounds heat
seal shut, and all the vaporized innards exit thru the anus,
causing the critter to fly around like a toy balloon you blow
up and release. when he hits the ground the pelt is clean
and ready to stretch

got this off a different site,
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