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Went again yesterday with my dad and a couple of friends. Killed my limit in 33 shells. Burned 5 shells on a single bird and didn't even get it. Burned another round on a bird my dad wounded. Burned two more rounds on birds when I was distracted by one of my dad's friends talking to me. By the time I tuned in to both flights, I only had time for a single shot as they were going away. Of course, the guy came over to me to complain about the lack of birds, which I didn't agree with, and the neighbors that came over to ask him not to shoot their way because they had company over for a BBQ. I wanted to stick my gun somewhere that I cannot say on this board. He was the same guy that was complaining about the game wardens on Saturday, even though they only gave him a warning about not having his Maryland migratory bird stamp on him. Some people just cannot be happy in life. Look at me complaining about this guy. Sheez, it rubbed off.
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