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The term 'Good scope for the money'

I remember when you could get a Bushnell Scope Chief for a decent price, and it was labeled a good scope for the money. I know a few folks right here at HC who still like them.

But now, it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry use this term for every scope they buy. I was browsing an AR15 site, and seen scopes I have never heard of and scopes that give me the willies.

Centerpoint was listed a few times, Barska and Konus were also in the mix. But every single person wrote 'Good scope for the money'

The lowest priced AR type rifle I could find was a brand from Huston TX for $650 OTD. Why put a Tasco level scope on this rifle? I have used this phrase before, 'It is like putting Flinstone tires on a Ferrari'

And when did the term 'Good scope for the money' translate to, the crap you shouldn't buy for anything but a rimfire?
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