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Let your rifle or pistol BE your GAUGE!

For decades, I only load for a rifle when I have that SPECIFIC rifle at the bench to set my resizing die. Some folks post about this or that specific cartridge gauge by Wilson, or some such company. Why not let your specific rifle BE the ONLY important gauge for your reloads? After reloading all the cases for THAT arm, be sure to LABEL the ammo for that rifle. It is really so simple.

For years I have reloaded .45 ACP cases with the Lyman #452460 200 grain cast SWC bullet. OLD NRA .45 reloading data allowed for a slight Roll Crimp on the .45 ACP and now it is the rage to Taper Crimp, ONLY. For 50 years I have Roll Crimped my 200 grain SWC cast loads without a stutter. My cartridge Overall length is 29.8MM as Determined by my pistol barrel. The old data said to go easy on the Roll Crimp and try reloaded cases in the breech of the barrel taken out of the pistol reloaded for. IF the seated and crimped cartridge was LEVEL with or just below the end of the barrel hood, ALL WAS WELL! For half a century, all my .45 reloads have passed the "hood test". I won two state championships and shot many PPC matches without a stutter. I still do not have a cartridge gauge since I have the guns I reload for. Whatever.

Adam Helmer
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