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poiwell & hyde,

I suggest one ALWAYS watch the muzzle with CVA arms! I was at my picnic-table backyard bench when I closed the bolt and my .45 caliber CVA Rifle fired! Fortunately, I am 110% Muzzle AWARE, so that Ball is still flying, eh, wot?

This is my Second CVA Trigger/SAFETY issue as documented with correspondence with the company. I am angry this is my SECOND CVA INCIDENT! My ONLY reason for this post is to make DOUBLY AWARE all CVA INLINE owners that their SAFETY and BOLT CLOSINGS are DANGEROUS Times! WATCH THE MUZZLE at all times, or face dire consequences. Fortunately two days ago, my Lori dog was at her assigned spot under the nearby pear tree when my accidential (?) discharge occured on my backyard range-may others be as lucky.

Adam Helmer
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