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Guys I agree with you on working up handloads. I did that in the past with many rifles looking for the ultimate accuracy. There is a caveat though. I didn't mind shooting all those rounds looking for that great load....but...I shot those rifles a lot..eventually I came to realize I was wasting the rifle's prime accuracy looking for perfection. By the time you get to two thousand rounds on most high intensity rounds...accuracy is falling off a bit. Some rifles like the weatherby's are even less rounds than that..some are in the hundreds of rounds...not thousands. Had a 264 Win Mag that the bore was toast in by 1200 rounds. Handguns are a much different story. Unless you are a target shooter of some merit find a good shooting load and stick with it. I had a Contender 222 one time that shot Remington factory loads better than any I could concoct. Don't know was just that way. Oh BTW..I have looked at many rifle bores over the years with a bore scope. Have found most(but not all) hunting rifles are shot very little. That 788 6mm Has a pristine bore..but the stock has some character ...I guess that is what they call it anyway. LOL

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