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PA Flintlock Deer Season.

On December 26, 2015 the PA flintlock deer season opened and closes January 9, 2016 in my Wildlife Management Unit 3A. I had prepared to use my .50 and .54 Hawken rifles, but other matters have taken priority. With luck, I will get out tomorrow, January 1, 2016.

I have yet to ever see or chat with another flintlock hunter in this after-Christmas season. The woods are empty and quiet. We do not have to wear hunter orange afield, so I revert back to my frontier garb. I dress like hunters dressed in 1775 and carry a 'hawk along with powder horn, knife and possibles bag. Two years ago I did get a shot at a coyote on Hickory Ridge-he zigged when he should have zagged! I bagged a coyote, but alerted any deer in the area.

Our grouse and other small game seasons run concurrent with deer and I have rethought my flintlock arm for 2016. I have a Mansfield .50 caliber smoothbore barrel with great sights. The barrel shoots patched roundball to 75 yards to the sights and the barrel shoots #6 shot well to 40 yards.

I have many deer here on the farm and only a buck is in any danger.

Happy New Year to All.

Adam Helmer
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