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Well that all works for that rifle handgun whatever. But may not for other firearms of the same caliber. A case in point.. a friend loaded a bunch(over 1000 rounds) of 308 and made sure they worked in the 308 he had available. He got another rifle for his son in 308 and 3 out of 10 would chamber. PITA to pull 'em all down and resize 'em. Speaking of which. Part of the reason was he had a bit of a large chamber in his original rifle. Also he used the same shellholder to load for a 243 he had..only about a hundred rounds. First 10 fit so he loaded 'em all. He had 17 that would chamber. I got the shellholder and took .007 off the top. With nothing changed on the dies...every round chambered after resizing. I let him use a Wilson gauge I got somewhere and most were long in headspace before resizing. I also ran into another problem with some Winchester bulk bullets in 30 cal not long ago. About 40% were .3115 in diameter and would not chamber in a Armalite AR-10. After contacting Winchester they replaced them...but it was another PITA. I'm not a big fan of these AR types but that Armalite is very accurate as is a Bushmaster Varminter AR-15 I have. Just checked the zero on it as the varmint season is starting now..Bounty on yotes and then you can sell the hides. This problem only crops up if you have multiple rifles in each caliber. I also use a very slight roll crimp on my 45's. Works for me too...but I use the 200 gr H&G Number 68 bullet. I do taper crimp jacketed 45s...when I happen to load them.

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