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Pretty much standard that if you buy American you will be freefloating, bedding, replacing trigger, stockwork, etc. Of course this all depends on how picky or accurate you want that new rifle to be. Some folks like to tinker. I also did my share of tinkering. But it is nice not to have to tinker.

Guess I'm partial to Europe, but if you want to buy a rifle and do absolutely nothing to it, I have found the Blaser R93 and R8 to be the best out of box rifle, bar none. This comes at a price, but you really don't have to do one single thing to the rifle. What is nice, is quality and barrel changing. For a travel package it just can't be beat. Short Pelican, one stock and action, and two barrels each with a scope. No sight in required in changing barrels, scope mounts directly on barrel. Straight pull with no action = a shorter overall rifle.

This promo has some spectacular footage, along with all the other Blaser films.
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