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Re: What .22 cal. bullets are you guys useing???

Originally posted by Catfish
I`m useing the 80 gn. Seirra MK bullets right now with pretty good luck. I tried the Hornady 75 HP`s and blew them appart. I have some Hornady A-Max 80 gn. , which Hornady said woukd be border line on holding together, and some Berger 80 gn bullets comeing. I can put them to 3,600 fps. and am useing an 8 twist so it take a well made bullet to hold together. I built the rifle for coyote so I`m wanting them to expand after they get there. Not asking for much am I.

Sounds like you are shooting a 22-250AI.

I have hit Coyotes near and far with Sierra 80 grainers and have never had them expand. But that bullet does kill them.

If the Berger VLD's are anything like their big brothers they might expand. I haven't tried any yet though.

My rifle is a Savage SS with a Douglas A/G Barrel, 1>8 twist, 26". I also have one in 1>12 twist. When those warm up I switch over to the 19 Calibers, Badger, Hornet and 19-223. And when they get hot I switch to the T/C 223.

Sometimes you find a target rich environment.

A while back I started using Blue Dot Powder in the 223 and am impressed with the results. For close range work, out to 300 yds they are great loads, accurate, shoot cool.

Best wishes, Bill
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