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In Wisconsin you get an otter tag every couple of years, so when I killed one in a 160 conibear set in a narrow ditch, I called the local warden. He told me to leave it in my garage, and he came by and picked it up. I do have some contact with him, so there was not a lot of questioning about how I happened to catch one. I caught several muskrats in that set, and on another part of my trapline, had another otter incident. A number 1 stoploss was missing, I searched the river bank area looking for a raccoon, no luck. Two days later pulling my traps, still looking for my trap, a see the trap stake in a deadfall 100 yds down the river. One otter toenail left in the trap, I was glad I wired the trap ring to the stake, something you learn when trapping muskrats where you can catch bigger critters.
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