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Years ago there was a guy selling skunk killing kits. It was a couple of metal pieces that held a syringe on the end of a 1/1 stick. You filled the syringe with metelethelkeytone. Aka acetone. You would slowly approach a skunk and place the needle against the ribs of the skunk and slowly inject it with the acetone. After a few minutes the skunk would go to sleep. You then placed the skunks head in a pan of water to drown it.

My buddies that used it said it worked real good. One day they stopped at a gas station where they had girls that pumped gas. When the gal saw a few striped kitties in the back of the station wagon she would not pump them any gas.

One day I shot a skunk from up wind and it sprayed. When I stopped to get gas after changing my clothes I reached down to pet the station owners lab that had always was friendly. I almost lost my hand as he tried to bite me. I do not know what he had against skunks but I could never pet the dog again.
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