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These are all great questions. Mice, squirrels, porcupines, fox, coyotes all like to chew on the shed antler. I have found many with chew marks from these critters.

As far as finding the antler, I've tried over the years to make a science out of it and just can't seem to do it. I have areas that I seem to find more. But the biggest advantage is time spent out. The more footwork you put in the more you'll find. That's not always true either. I've spent a day out and found three or four, and I've also gone out for just a couple hours and picked up thirty.

A couple other places I have found them are on fence lines where a trail crosses. Must be the jarring from landing that drops them. Also where there is some low lying trees and brush that a trail goes through. Where they have had a antler get knocked off by a branch I presume. I have also found them out in the middle of nowhere. The biggest matching set of whitetail sheds I have, if on a deer would be a 170 class plus. I found them out on a gumbo flat next to a prairie dog town, miles from any decent food source, cover or water. Dog gone it, you just don't know.
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