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My first scopes were original Weavers. Back then they were good scopes and have served me well throughout the years. Next I went to original Redfield's. I still have my Wide-field in 3x9 and just returned from Africa where it took game out to 350 yards with no problems. After Redfield sold, I tried Leupold and own a number of them. One of my favorite models, was the VL-X (cut away) so I could use low rings with a 50mm bell. It was great at times. Other times it would jump out of alignment, but Leupold has a solid warranty. When Nikon introduced their camo line, I put one of my shotgun and one on my muzzle loader (3x9's) they have been excellent. Now comes Vortex. I kept hearing how great they were so I put a 1x4x24mm on my African heavy rifle. Shot around 12 rounds at the range, one at the range in Africa, one on a Cape Buffalo and another on a large Roan antelope. No problems. I was impressed. I'd stay with quality scopes that offer not only a lifetime warranty, but a good reputation for customer service. I've only had to return one Leupold and that was the VL-X, and Leupold advised they had some problems with the early models.
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