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It varies quite a bit in this area, and quality shows as well. One of the best taxidermists I've come across charges roughly $330-$350 for shoulder mounts on whitetails (obviously there are extras that can add to that price) and he gets all of our business. The only drawback is that it usually takes him 12 - 15 months to get to your deer. He doesn't do an extremely high volume of work, but what he does is done right. One of the taxidermy shops in the area used to handle 200 - 250 deer a year. A few places charge as little as $150, but that's with a green hide mount, and they don't stay nice for very long. One of my friends recently started doing his own taxidermy work, and he's done 3 deer in the past year. If I get a smaller buck than I'd normally have mounted, I'll probably give it to him for the practice.

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