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Sorry for that Arthur thing PC..Gettin old sucks..don't it. I have a friend back east in Md who shoots a twist steel nitro proofed hammer gun. English gun but don't remember the make..may be a Boss..Beautiful gun and he do shoot it very well And did I say beautiful?? Unhappily I am not much of a SxS person..not that I don't have a few.. such as NID 28 a Win 21 in 20 and a few others..I had and sold a nice Win 21 16 ga..skeet 1 & 2. Pretty but it was a 16. So I sold it. One I am looking for a trigger guard for I bought at a yard sale. It is a Stevens 311 20 ga..but remember the plastic stock and forend.?? That is what it has. Trigger guard is broken and Gun parts is nada on that. Would it be possible to open the gun..cock the hammers and pick it up to shoot closing the gun?? That is what the fellow who owned the NID 28 did ..on quail. It had no safety and he carried it open. But it is not a hammer gun

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