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Plenty here

At least the ones I have to keep cleaning up off the basketball court at one of our lake associations parks. I have at least 3 bushels. Going to take them to my property that the oaks have no acorns. The deer will love the treat. Probably double that many on the ground in the sand.

According to my son they have eaten off my main rye food plot already but are not touching two other plots. Probably because there are no acorns over there. I do not hunt untill the 15th of November so hopefully the deer will hang around.

Edit 10/11/13 Had a message from my son when I got home from fishing. Bring more acorns. He put out 2 gallons last night and they were gone this morning. will tell him when I talk to him to come over here and get his own those are mine for November LOL. I took him a trailer load of apples, probably 20 bushel, when I took the acorns over.

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