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Season '15

Early muzzle loader was uneventful...except the weather...heh. First time I've been hunting in nuthin but drawers and and rain gear.

Anyway...finally be filling the freezer today...

Yesterday, dawn was 20min past when I climbed into my stand. Wind was supposed to have calmed by 0600....didn't happen. Just before 7 had some guy walk down the hill to the west. He stopped 40' from my and my northern neighbors' fence...sat in the lee of an old oak and settled in. About the third time he looked around...he saw me. 5min later he decided hunting across my fence line, while I was there, was a bad idea. Took about 10min of slow walkin to ease on to the north.

Somehow I allowed the mrs to schedule a meeting in town so as lousy as the day started I wasn't too sad to call it.

I managed to climb back into the stand at 1530. Figuring it a waste of time, I buckled the harness strap and turned around. Shocked to see a 4pt...110yds...sniffin around the spot the poacher had taken...then he followed on to the north as well. It wasn't 5min later...doe at my 12....antsy...movin around more than I the thick...I took the shot. couldn't find her...but saw 3 more jump out into the pasture. One, like the first, was an older doe. I slowly jacked another round and squeezed off a better shot. She dropped on the spot. The first jumped the fence into the thick sht to the west and the two yearlins faded to the south.

I returned with the truck...dressed the second and then spent the next hr and a half trackin the first thru a 150yds of thick saplings and blackberry. They went about 140# apiece. A slow start to my season...but it's a start none the less.

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