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Case Closed: FBI Says 9mm Is The Best Pistol Round

This was posted on Grand View Outdoors. I think the FBI guys have lost it completely. Their deal has always been to practice until they could shoot well and to use a big enough caliber handgun to get the job done. Apparently they have decided to go to more ammo in the magazine VS hitting the target with one well aimed shot. Why do I feel like this is politics, like the purse kind that hit the military.

Either I am nuts or they are, 38 to 45 to 10mm to the 10mm short called the 40 S&W, now to a 9mm. Did no one pay any attention to the shooting in Tuscon, AZ with the G-19 in 9mm? Has no one talked to the Spl Ops troops, the ones that must carry a 9mm and how they shoot folks and the shot guys, just turn and run off. Did we not learn anything in the PI..... with the 38 spl?
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