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Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Cleaner

Has anyone tried Wipe Out aerosol foaming bore cleaner? It's billed primarily as a copper fouling remover. We got some and I tried it in the barrel of my 98 Mauser sporter. In the past, I had never been able to get that barrel completely clean, i.e. pure white patches. Finally, after a couple of days of repeated applications, I finally got that white patch. We also got and tried some of the same company's Accelerator solvent that supposedly cuts the sit-and-wait time (1-hr. min.) in half. We also tried it in my son's 700 BDL and my Savage 340 and it only took a couple of 1-hr. applications to get a clean patch. The company says to take a gun that you consider has an absolutely clean barrel and try Wipe Out in it. They say you will probably get patches showing the dark blue copper fouling. I'd say the stuff seemed to work pretty good and doesn't really require much more effort and/or time than conventional cleaning with something like Hoppe's No. 9. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried and, if so, what you thought of it.
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