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Billy D,

Excellent observations. I began shooting cast bullets while in college under the G.I. Bill because by casting I could shoot my pistols more. Finally, I observed that for handgun shooting cast bullets usually gave a bit more velocity for the same powder charge weight with similiar weight jacketed bullets. The planets must have been in proper alignment because I got better accuracy out of my cast bullets compared to the more expensive jacketed bullets.

Finally, I did wear out a S&W M28 .357 barrel with cast bullets in the decade of the 1970s because I shot so many PPC matches. That and hundreds of rounds of practice shooting weekly wore out my barrel. In 1981, I went to the S&W Armorer's Course and took the M28 with me to Springfield. S&W rebarreled the M28 with as new 4-inch barrel for $16.50.

Adam Helmer
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