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Buying shotgun shells at the local grocery store (at age 8)

Playing all over the county (at age 10)

Riding my bike all over the county and country roads without my parents (at age 10)

Riding a Murray BMX bike down a country road to go fishing (imagine carrying a 6' pole, bait, etc on a bicycle.)

Driving my '82 Chevy Silverado 3/4 ton short wheel based truck all over the county without a license at age 16.

Getting stopped by the Sheriff at age 16 driving my truck without a license and just getting told "Boy you better be careful until you get that license"

Working cattle with my grandfather at ages 12-20.

Hauling hay for gas money at age 16.

Fixing fence for gas money at age 17.

Spending 99% of my time hunting, and fishing when I wasn't working.

Coon hunting at age 6-8 with my great grandfather who hand no sense of direction whatsoever.

Wiener roasts by my Uncles stock tank age .5-14 (yes .5)

Camping with my grandparents and aunt ages 2-26.

So may great farm, ranch, hunting, and fishing memories I can barely remember them all......

Dang I miss me.....

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