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Here in W.Pa area 2B is still in with BP. I am not hunting now but still watch other hunters and like just the other day after hearing someone say they just can't find any deer, I decided to grab a coffee at McD and drive to the area this guy has been hunting. Looked around a tad, parked my truck, took short 10yd walk up a bank and sure enough were 3 deer standing 15yds lookin at me. Guess he just does not know what to lookfor?..I never did tell him I seen them there either. Hang in there doe, season almost over. Anyhow, yesterday as I passed his parking spot there he was..heading out again. We gabbed, I wished him luck,gave him a bag of speed beef jerkey and with all his cammo, gear and all the high tec equipment he was dragging with him, I watched him walk off to his spot..smelling like a know the Potpourri he keeps in his truck to make it smell pretty..I just laughed and waved at the deer on way down the hill as they were already leaving his area. I could of swore I seen one deer laughing.
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