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Fri night TV shows, Saturday morning westerns, going to the theater for matinee movies. Going to the YMCA on a Saturday afternoon in the winter to sit through a religious program just so we could swim for an hour. Walking 3/4 of a mile along the railroad & crossing the tracks to go to school and the same returning home. Going across the RR tracks to play Cowboys & Indians, War Games (today we reenactors call that tactical events){come to think of it; that's what the military calls it.} We'd pick teams, take our toy guns and cross the RR and head into the pine groves there; about three acres; to play our war games. We'd save our tiny penny candy paper bags so we'd fill them with the black, powder like RR dirt. These were our live fire grenades. Our moms' likely wanted to disown this group once we came marching home....from our war. We'd ride our bikes up, down, along and over the RR bank, this before X-games was an idea. We'd throw things at the RR Bums we'd see. But that backfired the day he turned out to be a "RR Dick" (Detective){at's what da was called den} That's how we learned. We have the scars as reminders but most of those guys are still around. A couple gone and a couple are incarcerated, but still alive. Those two didn't learn well. WOW Like Bunker said. Ahh! Them was da days!!! 66YO in a couple months, I'll just close and sit here reminiscing. like Bob Hope sang, "Thanks for the memories."; Red Skeleton said, "Bye, Bye! and God Bless!" etc.
*I started hunting when I was young. Yeah, I saw "BAMBI", but , I got over it.
** A hunter never apologizes to his prey; He just thanks it for the contest.
***What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. --Thomas Jefferson

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