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The problem that you get into with a powerful air gun is that it sounds just like a 22 LR standard velocity, so there is not savings on the noise. I have had several and the best so far has been the single break RWS M-34 gun, but it is noisy. This .177 will easily, fully penetrate a 1/2 inch sheet of plywood at over 50 feet. It is advertised at 1,000 FPS and will stack pellets at 50 feet. But like all RWS products it is not cheap.

A word to the wise, just remember that an air gun scope is made backwards inside, the airgun recoils with the spring and jumps forward. The air gun's reverse recoil action can tear a powder gun scope to pieces. Plus the rings need to be stout because the airgun, at least the RWS, tends to throw the rings off the gun. There is a company in Texas that makes airgun scope rings. They look similar to a TSOB ring set. Drawback is the barrel and receiver are separate and the scope is attached to the receiver, while the iron (plastic) sights are on the barrel.
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