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Hmmm. How to answer....I use progressives. I have found quite a bit of prep we do is really not needed...seriously. Believe it or not most people don't clean pockets..and I find it un-needed for the most part. Removing lube is easy..ten min in a tumbler. Yes I even lube cases with carbide dies...spray lube lightly. Flash hole deburring?? If you are a benchrest shooter...maybe. I do clean pp with my varmint loads. Loading 222 & 204 right now. Got a small P dog town here on the ranch. Kind of a precise imprecise game because of wind. For cast bullet handgun and 223 stuff most of the prep really isn't needed. My serious hunting ammo? Yep I do the prep..heck how many good hunting loads do we load? 40? I shoot my deer with a Win 64 32 sp with cast bullets...max 75yds. I have a couple hundred of them loaded. My daughter has been shooting the P dogs and think she has missed four shots out of about a hundred with my 223 loads out of my Bushmaster Varminter.with loads right off my Dillon 650 progressive. She is a good shooter though. Case length? I do it when needed. Handgun ammo almost never need trimming except maybe 357 or 44 magnum loads and they will even last the 6 to 8 loads(full mag) loads I will put through them till I retire them to plinkers. BTW if you need to trim rifle cases every time....your loads are probably too hot

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