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Savage ML-10 II

Just got word the other day that Savage is going to make another small run of their ML-10 II Smokeless Powder muzzleloader this year..possibly even 2..So if you would like to own one the the best muzzleloaders ever made check with some Savage sellers. The Savage is the only Muzzleloader made today(or ever I guess) that is proof fired at the factory..nope not even the Encore muzzys are proofed..and the Savage will shoot Black, Pyrodex, 777, Blackhorn 209 and, of course, selected smokeless powders. is not a 300 yd muzzleloader..none of them are.... but with smokeless and the Blackhorn is not the chore it is with any Blackpowders or the equivalents such as 777 or Pyrodex.. in fact with smokeless powder you only have to clean about once every 100 shots..but I do it more often. From what I understand the gun is going to be made in blue with a black composite stock $680 bucks. I'm gonna get one for my grandson..and granddaughter I guess

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