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I've caught skunks before and mostly just shot them from 25 ft or so. Only had one really spray and he was a PI$$ED off kitty. Course he had sprayed before I got to the set so I knew what was up.. Oh and if they sprayed even a little bit I always moved my set.

Now on another note...have ya ever caught a woods kitty barehanded?? Lots of fun..Specially when you don't get sprayed. Actually I've never gotten the bizness but had a friend that did. In the face at 5 ft....and they blamed it on me. Made me sleep in the same tent that he was suffering sleeping in. An honest injun..It really wasn't my fault. It was that blasted dog. Till he came up there we were home free..ah the best laid plans of mice and boys

BTW Did y'all know a real live wild skunk will eat right out of yer hand..specially cracker jacks..caramel corn and popcorn with lots of salt?? not a joke... OH an another serious thing. If'n ya got a real live skunk holdin him up by the tail....never...I mean NEVER let 'em get their front feet on anything. Honest..if they do..ya can't run fast 'nuff. I got a usta be friend that will back me up on that.

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