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BTW Did y'all know a real live wild skunk will eat right out of yer hand..specially cracker jacks..caramel corn and popcorn with lots of salt?? not a joke
Knowing that wild populations of skunks have a higher than normal incidence of rabies, I think I will just keep my cracker jacks to myself.

If'n ya got a real live skunk holdin him up by the tail....never...I mean NEVER let 'em get their front feet on anything. Honest..if they do..ya can't run fast 'nuff. I got a usta be friend that will back me up on that.
I've heard that if you hold a skunk up by it's tail, it can't spray, but I've also heard that this was an old wive's tale.......I'll let someone else do the proof!
If your dog thinks that your the greatest, don't go seeking a second opinion!
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