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Nothing wrong with the Copper clads. Some folks claim they wear out barrels faster. Could be true, but I have yet to see this happen in the real world. I have been known to put a few rounds down range and the only barrels I have shot out were a 220 Swift
which I bought in 1956 and a 6,5x68 Ackley Improved. Even that scorcher lasted almost 3000 rounds. It's a 300 Win Mag without the belt.

Unless you are shooting really high intensity loads in your pistol you probably won't notice the wear part of the conundrum.

A lot of the love for cast bullets is the nostalgia. Especially the Cowboy action Shooters. Most of those the bullet will barely fall out of the barrel when shot.

I like HOT rounds in rifles. Pistols are a little more dainty and require more love and attention. One case comes to mind. People that shot the M-19 S&W. There used to be a problem with cracked forcing cones. Why? Because some folks like to load them so to speak, a little on the warm side. The best way to shake a pistol to pieces is to shoot a steady diet of hot loads. Practice light and carry heavy loads.

I use a 45LC for Deer hunting. It has seen nothing but 255gr wc's
and 9.1 grs of Universal Clays for a hunting load. Within 100 yards deer die. It's easy to shoot and it doesn't beat up my pistol. And it performs in an outstanding manner.

Again, nothing wrong with the Copper bullets. It's personal preference.

Best wishes, Bill
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