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Whenever I hear about lead casting, or bullets I hark back to my childhood and my Sister. I was casting to make the soldiers we used to make. I was down in the basement and my Sister had a glass of water. We were cracking jokes and I got her a good one and she stuck her fingers in the glass and wet them and sprayed me. Need I say what happened next? some of the water hit the lead pot and that stuff flew all over He[[ and half Georgia. I still got scars from it.

She redeemed herself though, she helped me paint them. She was very good at things that took concentration and were tedious. I guess thats why she was such a good nurse in later life. I'm just the opposite, a type A, and will go sub-orbital ballistic in a heartbeat.

She just didn't know any better, in some ways shes still that way, and that was over 60 years ago. But shes a blonde so what can we expect. Actually we both were, shes my twin. We had 4 sets of twins in the family. My mom said it saved on hospital bills during delivery, 2 for the price of one. Thats the Jewish part of the family. Mom must have been a real fertile Myrtle.

I have contemplated buying a lead pot and doing some casting for shotgun slugs. Maybe even some round balls for the muzzleloader. I love shooting the roundballs. Theres just something about that I like. Now thats nostalgia.

I can only imagine what it is like to shoot a flint lock. It takes a special person to master one of those.

Best wishes, Bill
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