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You are correct! This afternoon as I finished putting linseed oil on my stairs handrails a neighbor lad showed up with an old Phyllies Cigar Box under his arm. Mike asked me if I had a few minutes to spare. I took Mike into my garage, turned on the lights and went to my bench. His cigar box had ALL parts for a M1911 .45 ACP Pistol, but all the parts were in component format!

I worked slowly as I put all the parts back into a complete handgun. I am sure Mike missed a part or two, so a redo is needed down the road, IF there is a need. The story was the handgun was a grandfather's WWI gun and a friend tore it down all the way and forget how to rebuild "In Reverse Order."

The piece has a 177,xxx serial number making it a 1916 or 1917 arm worth about $2,500-$4,000, assembled. I conveyed all information to Mike.

Adam Helmer
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