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BH. If ya get a progressive... seriously...get a Dillon. They are a good loader and you can take the powder measure off and weigh every charge if ya want..but you won't unless you load right to the max charges. And to be honest.. I have a Lee classic cast turret press and for every day loads it does good with the Lee powder measure on top.. All for under a couple hundred bucks..without dies. I load my 44 specials on it and use a 4 die set of Lees. I also put one of the Lee primer feeds on it. Not bad at all. But not a Dillon Course I load my pistol ammo(38, 9mm 45 auto) on a Dillon Super 1050 as well as my 223 ammo. My Imelda has more shoes than I have guns..if ya count a pair as 2. I couldn't believe it yesterday. She took 4 pairs to Goodwill. But she will buy more to replace 'em. I'm going to a gun show tomorrow to try to find a few so I can catch up to her shoe count. LOL

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