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build me a 500yd ruger light rifle, 10lbs

guys build me light 6mm rem off ruger m77 action.

barreld action in the stock cant go over 9lbs. id like it to be a 500 yd rifle.

put together a list of stuff youd through at it. stock barrel, scope and such, id like to be under 10 when its finished but could probly live with 10.

do you think the 6mm is good 500yds

im thinking, pacnor 26" heavy contour fluted barrel in stainless, hs sporter stock, possibly vt stock.
4.5-14x40 vxIII milldot

im thinking a target weight 1.20" -.850" in 26"s maybe bigger at .930 at muzzle. this should crowd my weight standerds about perfect with flutes and be plenty stiff
theres theyre specs

let me know what you think.



though the 6mmrem is what im thinking about most the 6mm284 has a conciderable amount of my attention

or the 6mm250 (6mm international) that would be easy to build, actualy these are all easy.
i wonder how hard it would be to kneck 22/250 cases up 6mm, ive got a big stock pile of em.

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