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As far as the cost of good moulds..that really isn't all that high for the mould. I have sold some of my H&G moulds lately. ones I don't use. None have sold for less than 200 dollars. I bought a custom mould not too long ago for the 44 spec/mag and it cost 120 bucks..Since the guy is so back ordered and his prices have risen someone offered me twice what I paid. BTW.. was on the Lyman site the other day. Counted the moulds they list for is down to 74 rifle and pistol moulds..from more than 300..and no special orders. I get 60 and more for good used 2 cavity moulds by Lyman..more for the discontinued ones. Just bought 2 at the gun was a single 454-190(45 Colt) the other was a 2 cavity 452 190..same bullet smaller size. single was in handles for 20 bucks..the 2nd was also in handles and paid 40 bucks..which is a very good price now. I got a round ball from a friend..says 451 RB but casts at 4525..loads ok in the 45 auto and the Colt..2 balls in the Colt. They really spread out after a hundred yards. LOL

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