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Beagles or young bucks...

On a day when meat is the name of the game....I'll take a young buck to get them moving.

26* this mornin...crisp...cold....still. I'm growing outa my camo...thread bare ect. I put on some rain gear in an effort to block the breeze that was sure to start blowing when the sun comes up. I was late as well...sun was brightening the east skyline when I stepped outside. I was crinkling enough to sound like a celophane michelin man as I got to the stand...sweating like a pig too. As I got up to the seat I dropped my bag. Deer started blowing to the south...great...climb back down get the bag...climb back up....crinkling all the while. By the time I got situated, my head was soaked with sweat. I couldn't even get a sip of coffee without sounding terrible.

I just sat still as I started to chill. A doe crested the far swale....looking right at my way she could see me...but her hearing put a big spotlight on me just the same. I coulda taken the shot...150yds...but quartering to me and in line with my neighbor in that direction. She turned around and headed back into the far tree line.

A lil while later one of the 4pt twins steps outa the pines to the west, nose to the ground....I let him cross...thinking to myself...go get'm boy...head'm up back thisaway. Gonna have to crack the whip on him 'cause it took him 2.5 hrs before he brought them all back. He must been playn grabass in those pines...but he did bring 8 does back in front of my stand.

He even pointed out the biggest one for me. I don't know what I hit low and behind her one shoulder, but it exited low and behind her off shoulder as well...with an exit wound big enough to stick my fist into. The blood trail was 2' wide the entire way to her 35yds down the hill. I got the dog and let him have another easy one.

She dressed out at 120lbs
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