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My deer season ends the last day of the month. I might put my camo bathrobe on and sit out in the breakfast nook with my camo coffee cup the next day or so. Wait for a deer to come up saying shoot me shoot me!! The buck season is over. We were back east in Md/De when the season opened on the first. Gal we had watching the house and taking care of the critters got a nice little 8 pointer(eastern count) the day we got back. and the part time mail gal got a nice sized whitetail buck with screwed up horns. I had the gal's (housesitter)grandfather out the other day and put him in a likely place. he got a nice fat doe for eating. The ol fellow is soon to be 90 y.o. Other than the fact the deer think our crops were planted just for them I would just leave 'em alone. But we have wwwaaayyy too many deer

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