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Actually most 357 magnum 158 grain loads are moving at around 1197fps out of a lever gun. My 170 grain 30-30s are moving about the same. Heavier bullet same speed, etc.

Also Texas doesn't have a state energy requirement. Our requirement says no rimfire rounds. Which is probably why the 22lr has taken more deer in this state than any other firearm. I myself took my first deer as a kid with a 22lr while squirrel hunting. Shot him in the neck (proper placement for that round at that target) from about 30 feet. He keeled right over, no problem. The reason why it is illegal is because people who don't know from shot placement would pepper them with 22s and the wounded animal would run off and suffer, and often survive.

the 357 is a good whitetail caliber, as was (and is if you load for them) the 32-20.

My 30-30 is putting out more energy than my compound bow. I have taken deer with it and a cowboy 45 colt 250 grain rnfp lead (moving at . . . . wait for it. . . . 1180+- fps)

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