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Moose Hunt and Rifle

If all goes well in life, I hope in the coming years to make a trip to Canada for a Moose hunt. I have several rifles I could take, but I'm torn between two.

Either of which will work and really no excuses to whichever one I decide to take or not to take.

I toured the Heym factory in Gleichamberg a few years ago and ordered and picked up a Heym 26b O/U in the venerable 8x57 JRS. I've got some reloads working great in it and really like the compactness of it.

Picked up at Heym:

Looking good with reloads:

My other faithful rifle for out of country or trip hunts is a Blaser R93, of which I have several barrels in various calibers. I most likely would slap the 9,3x62 barrel on it and be a happy camper. Either that or the 300 WinMag barrel, of which has proven itself over and over.

I suspect when the time comes to pack I'll throw them both up to the shoulder and pack the one that feels 'right'.

Blaser R93 Pro, here with 9,3x62 barrel.

OK, this winter is dragging on and it's time for spring, as I look outside and see noghing but snow and ice, lol.

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