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Adam, you know I flip some of the guns etc that I buy. Fellow gave me a 98 Mauser that was slightly ruined shall we far as military collectible wise. I gave it to a friend with some ammo. He has had some wolf problems lately. So now he has a rifle if they come killing his sheep and goats again. . Yes we really do have a problem or 3 with those wolves all those people from the east and left coasts made us live with. They killed one of a neighbors pregnant cows this spring....on my place though. Looks as though some judge from somewhere else has decided to stop the grizzly bear hunt here and Idaho. The grizzlies continue to hunt humans though.LOL
Ward those ol 37s are nice guns. 16s for some reason are coming back in vogue somewhat.
Since July I have mainly been to yard/garage sales and have found some stuff. Bought a few things at a gun show in Bozeman Mt. Rem 552 22 semi auto for the grand sum of 55 dollars. Yeah it were ugly kinda. And from the same fellow I found a kinda rare 38 cal bullet mold. Single cavity 358 93 Spire point bullet. 15 bucks. New in box. got some other bullet molds for 15-20 bucks each. 5 cans of IMR 4350 powder and 3 H4350. Same lot number in respective brands. Paid 15 dollars for them also. Cleaned that ol Remington up and took a small dent out of the mag tube and it shoots just fine. Friend is refinishing the stock for me now. Grandson will get the gun. Yesterday yard sales 10 boxes of Magtech 9mm 115 FMJ ammo for 7 bucks a box 2 hundred rounds once fired 327 Fed brass for a nickle a piece a box of 32 S&W L Rem ammo for 12 bucks and 2 Burris handgun scopes one was a 3-12 Variable with AO and the other 2-7 Variable AO. Both in the boxes for a killer price. Another garage sale i got a folding bipod for rifles for 50 cents and an ol Iver Johnson single shot 410 shotgun for 50 bucks. The best buy though was a like new Benelli Super Black Eagle camo shotgun with case 5 chokes no manual though for 700 bucks. Like I need another shotgun. Sold the 410 an hour later for 150 bucks. People just want old single shot 410s

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